The Last Days are Here! Time for the Seven Seals to be Unsealed from The Sealed Book of Revelation (The Holy Bible). We believe that the Seven Seals are Seven Mathematical Algorithms for the Bible Codes / Torah Codes which will Prophesy the End of the World, and Who are the Good Doers and Who are the Evildoers

"Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might. Put on the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."

By: Your servant in God, REV John Williams, The Revelator
The Church of Bible Prophecy Worldwide Ministries
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Political Washington, DC, is one of the most evil places on Earth! Truly The Belly of The BEAST! Political Washington, DC, is filled with crooked and corrupt politicians fueled by millions of dollars in "donations" (mostly bribes from K-Street lobbyists), and expensive sex, booze and food handed to them on gold platters by those same K-Street lobbyists, bought and paid for with by the moneys their patrons stole from the people. Over the last decades, the typical Congressman and Senator spends his/her day raiding the U.S. Treasury for himself/herself and his/her pals - once in awhile throwing a small bone to the middle class but blocking everything that can help the poor - only punctuated now and then by their abuse, rape and sodomy of their staff, interns and pages.

Caught up in this worldwind of Satanic evildoing are many innocent staff, interns and pages who come from wonderful families, such as Chandra Levy. Many of these Washington staff, Washington interns and Washington pages fall prey to being abused (including enslaved), raped, sodomized, disappeared, kidnapped and murdered by their rich and powerful political capo di tutti capi. Although story after story comes out of Washington DC about these incidents, they only represent a tiny part of what is really going on in this Sodom. For example, never mentioned in these traditional newsmedia reports are the secret backdoor entrances to numerous Washington DC clubs where powerful Washington politicos are exclusively admitted into secret rooms where they freely and often violently sexually assault, rape and sodomize their staff, interns and pages with impunity and with no witnesses possible. When a staff, intern or page opens his/her mouth, he/she can suddenly vanish, and then either never turns up again or turns up as a pile of bones - as did Congressional Intern Chandra Levy.

The Church of Bible Prophecy Organization has provided and is providing these Washington DC Staff, Intern, and Page Outreach services for about a decade now. Yet, barely a day goes by when there is not new stories about taff members, intern and/or pages of powerful Washington politicians and/or lobbyists being sexually assaulted with absolutely no one in our Government there to help them or bring them justice! Only The Church to turn to. But without your generous donations, The Church may not be able to help much longer.

The brutal and vile kidnapping, likely rape, and murder of Congressional Intern Chandra Levy is only well known because her wealthy parents were both very well-connected and were understandably fanatical in trying to determine what happened to Chandra Levy and to obtain justice for her. Fact is, we now live in a Country where women and both female and male children are now almost routinely disappeared, kidnapped, raped and murdered; however, without great family wealth, media connections and persistence or an attractive blond-haired victim, few ever make the news - especially if the victim is poor, Black, Hispanic, Native American, Asian or of some other person of color. As the result, there are now 100s of serial rapists and serial murderers freely roaming our Country and preying upon innocent victims with impunity - clearly 100s operating with impunity in the Washington, DC, area alone at any one time because the Washington, DC, area is not only a big metropolis but is an especially evil metropolis.

Blamed and once convicted for the May 1, 2001 kidnapping and murder of Chandra Levy is a poor "illegal alien" immigrant from El Salvador with a bad record, and with the strange, foreign-sounding name of Ingmar Guandique. The Church believes that there is no direct evidence to prove that Ingmar Guandique committed these crimes, and in fact, it believes that Ingmar Guandique was setup because he is an easy scapegoat, and that probably Ingmar Guandique is not guilty of kidnapping and murder. Perhaps guilty of only bragging about an high-profile crime he did not commit to "make his bones" with a gang. Seems like if Ingmar Guandique actually did these horrific crimes, he would know for 100% certain whether he killed Chandra Levy by stabbing, by strangling or by cutting her throat. And even if Ingmar Guandique did commit these crimes, he could have done them on the behalf of or at the behest of a rich and powerful Washington, DC, politician(s).

The Church believes that the kidnapping and murder of Chandra Levy were planned and executed by very powerful Washington politicians and/or their agents or friends to conceal the truth about how badly staff, interns and pages are treated by the Washington elite - Chandra Levy conveniently kidnapped and murdered apparently just days away from spilling the beans on them.

IS INGMAR GUANDIQUE INNOCENT IN MURDER OF CHANDRA LEVY? Ingmar Guandique is the perfect scapegoat: Foreign with a strange name, poor, and with a reputed history of gang membership and some apparently very bad behavior towards women. A better choice could not be found for a character more easily to legally persecute for a murder he probably didn't commit as if provided by Central Casting. Without a vigorous defense, Ingmar Guandique was easily convictable with few who will miss him, the Levy family probably goes home satisfied, the prosecutors put another scalp under their belts, the newsmedia and pundits get their we-told-you-so story, and all those Washington, DC, evil back alley secrets stay safely tucked away. Almost everyone went away happy - all they have to do is to keep their ears shut to the plaintive cries of Chandra Levy from the grave for real justice. We do not claim for certain that Ingmar Guandique is innocent of the kidnapping and murder of Chandra Levy, but that everything seems to just too conveniently fit neatly into place. When it comes to an high-profile horrific kidnapping and murder like this, we are very skeptical of all of the so-called coincidences, perfect fits and circumstantial evidence, and many questions have gone unanswered. As a nation, we have already blindly accepted just too much of this kind of routine official BS "explanations" in the murders of John Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Robert Kennedy, and 9/11.

Ingmar Guandique is now convicted of the murder of Chandra Levy. The Church also believes that Ingmar Guandique was poorly defended by his Government-appointed public defender attorneys. The newsmedia reports that Attorneys Santha Sonenberg (DC Bar No. 376-188) and Maria Hawilo are representing Ingmar Guandique. We have emailed them four times, including to their apparent primary email address, (The Public Defender Service for the District of Columbia), and all we got as a response from them is their refusal to accept our emails. Why are they refusing to accept the evidence The Church believes implicates others - especially rich and powerful Tom Udall? How can Ingmar Guandique receive an adequate defense if they refuse to even look at all of the evidence?

The conviction of Ingmar Guandique will be disastrous to the Latino community, especially to Latino immigrants - and more especially Latino immigrants from El Salvador. Ingmar Guandique is even now before his conviction the poster boy of xenophobic extremists. Just consider the great amount of additional prejudice which will certainly result against Hispanic immigrants, their countries, and businesses owned by Hispanics - especially El Salvador. The Church strongly believes that every possible explanation as to who did these heinous crimes must be fully and extensively investigated and publicly exposed, and no rock left unturned. The putrid underbelly of Washington DC must be slashed open with all of its putrid innards spilled out for public display to get to the real truth. The national newsmedia must hound the system and the politicians on a constant basis until all of this is done. The Church believes that Ingmar Guandique is innocent, or at a minimum, Ingmar Guandique was not proven guilty, but was in fact Ingmar Guandique was railroaded as a scapegoat through the notoriously corrupt Federal "Judicial" System.

The Church believes that Senator Tom Udall of New Mexico is directly involved in the kidnapping and murder of Chandra Levy, for two main reasons. First, Senator Tom Udall, the former Attorney General of New Mexico, and an especially close Congressional colleague of Rep. Gary Condit (and Rep. Mark Foley and Rep. Barney Frank) at the time, identified himself in his late 2001 Federal Court filing as "Gary A. Condit" (image of Tom Udall's Court filing on our Udall webpage). As you may recall at that time, the newsmedia had practically convicted Rep. Gary Condit of these crimes, a person who the newsmedia had romantically linked to Chandra Levy, and as the direct result, Rep. Condit was arguably the most hated and reviled man in America then. So then why would New Mexico's former top attorney - Tom Udall - identify himself in his Federal Court filing out of the sky blue as, "Gary A. Condit"? Could this be a Freudian slip where then Rep. Tom Udall was confessing himself committing or having committed at his behest or on his behalf these brutal crimes against Chandra Levy which Rep. Gary Condit was being publicly pilloried for at the time? Hmmm. The second reason is that when you closely examine Tom Udall's real character and Tom Udall's real family history, The Church believes that the only reasonable conclusion is that Tom Udall is clearly one of the most vile and evil politicians our Country has ever had to endure. A few examples of what The Church has on Tom Udall are described below; for more shocking details on Tom Udall, please visit the Church's Tom Udall webpage: Tom Udall. Do not be fooled, manipulated or corrupted by the fact that Tom Udall is a very wealthy and powerful career politician, or by his phony carefully coiffured and charismatic demeanor and appearance, or by any of the favorable public relations BS he can have his traditional newsmedia pals generate for himself. Never judge a book by its carefully contrived and manipulated cover but by its actual content. And to view any book, you must fully open it up and expose all of its innards to the sun. Even The Antichrist will present himself as a highly charismatic and popular figure. Beware of wolves dressed in sheep's clothing.

The Church believes that Senator Tom Udall must clearly, fully, publicly and promptly confess to all of his connections with the kidnapping, likely rape, and murder of Chandra Levy - especially why he identified himself in a Federal Court filing as, "Gary A. Condit" - if any, or Senator Tom Udall has egregiously disrespected, dishonored and demeaned both Chandra Levy and Ingmar Guandique, as well as all of their relatives, friends and associates. Surely, there is a lesson to be taught here! If Ingmar Guandique is innocent of the crimes against Chandra Levy and Senator Tom Udall can vindicate him, then Senator Tom Udall MUST vindicate him now! The Church believes that the moment that then Rep. Tom Udall decided to identify himself in a Federal Court filing as, "Gary A. Condit," he forever ended any rightful conviction of Ingmar Guandique based on the beyond-a-reasonble-doubt legal principle for the horrific crimes against Chandra Levy because it is hard physical evidence that for the first time directly links another person who could have possibly been directly involved and is not the indirect, rumored, suspicion-based or connect-the-dots type evidence presented so far which shows that possibly Ingmar Guandique is not guilty or if guilty, part of a conspiracy involving a rich and powerful politician.

Compare career politician Senator Tom Udall to "illegal alien" Ingmar Guandique: Senator Tom Udall is a rich, powerful, Anglo, with an Anglo name, U.S. citizen. Ingmar Guandique is a poor, powerless, Latino with a strange foreign-sounding name, and an "illegal alien." Guess which one will never be vigorously questioned and publicly exposed about the kidnapping and murder of Chandra Levy or anybody else. Guess which one will be arrested, tried and convicted of horrific crimes. In the great movie, "The Color Purple," recall, "Who you think you is? You can curse nobody. Look at you. Your black, you're poor, you're ugly, you're a woman, you're nothing at all!". Pretty much parallels Ingmar Guandique's situation. The Church sees parallels between how Ingmar Guandique is being maltreated and railroaded here with the way that Amanda Knox was apparently maltreated and railroaded in Italy.

Now with the repeal of the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" doctrine by the Washington Udall Cult, powerful Washington politicos can now freely rape and sodomize our military personnel with impunity. Many Washington staffers, interns and pages are active military personnel. With the removal of the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" barrier by Liberal Extremists, Washington politicos like Draft Dodger Tom Udall - clearly a persecutor of our military and veterans - can now feast on our military personnel even more. Military personnel can not now even complain of being raped or sodomized by someone as rich and powerful as Tom Udall - they are forced into becoming part of the Washington, DC, sex slave industry.

Donate/Bequest, Click => Please Donate and/or Bequest to REV John Williams, The Church of Bible Prophecy

The Church of Bible Prophecy is not a political organization, lobby, PAC or religion business - it is purely a religion. Again, its God-ordered mission is to ferret out, expose and oppose all evil it finds, no matter where it finds it (political, business, bureaucracy, institutional, etc.), and expresses its religious Doctrines and Beliefs frankly and unfettered to alert the public, regardless of who agrees or disagrees with any part of it. Because the huge amount of evil during these End Times Final Days far exceeds the capacity of The Church's limited personnel and resources at this time, for maximum impact, The Church must concentrate on those most egregious areas giving it the greatest exposure of its findings which equates to the greatest effectiveness of its efforts. Through generous donations and bequests of money and volunteer time, The Church of Bible Prophecy can expand its operations to investigate and expose more evil. All donations are greatly appreciated. If you sincerely want to change Washington, DC's evil ways these days, please help us with generous donations and bequests. However, if you love things just the way they now are in Washington, DC, then The Church will not be expecting donations from you.

The Church believes that Congressional Intern Chandra Levy was just one out of countless hapless intern victims and page victims of the many abuses of staff, interns and pages routinely done by rich and powerful Washington politicos, and never covered by any of the traditional newsmedia because they themselves are up to their necks in the swirl of this same evil cesspool. Although Ingmar Guandique was convicted of the murder of Chandra Levy, that neither means that Chandra Levy was a victimless person before her attack nor that her assailant - Ingmar Guandique or someone else - was not ordered or paid to do so by a powerful Washington, DC, politico. In fact, The Church believes that Chandra Levy was already a hapless victim of the corrupt and evil Washington, DC, political culture long before her death (purported to be on May 1, 2001), and was within days of divulging her shocking secrets, and that nobody is investigating that victim scenario because it implicates very rich and powerful politician mob bosses who the authorities protect at all costs and who are immune and above the law virtually without regard to their atrocities. For true closure, The Church strongly believes that everyone who victimized Chandra Levy before her death must also be fully investigated and publicly exposed.

The Church also believes that Chandra Levy, a Jew, may be the victim of a religious hate crime. The fact is that many people hate Jews. In fact, there are several organizations in the U.S. today with 1,000s of members each which believe that Jews should be exterminated. And about the time that Chandra Levy was kidnapped and murdered, the Church believes that the State of Israel was highly critical of some evangelical Christian and Mormon groups for proselytizing in Israel, which by itself could have triggered someone to murder Jews. Some newsmedia sources have identified Chandra Levy as a likely Israeli Mossad Agent (The Church does not know whether or not Chandra Levy was an Israeli Mossad Agent) (Chandra Levy has also been associated with the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center (WTC) and Pentagon, and the execution of Timothy McVeigh). Some other people hate all religions: When Tom Udall was New Mexico's Attorney General, NMAG Tom Udall clearly persecuted Little Rock Reed because of his Native American religious beliefs, and Tom Udall is very proud of his great grandfather, John D. Lee, who butchered 140 Christian Pilgrims on America's first 9/11 - 9/11/1857 ("Mountain Meadows Massacre"). Also, as Attorney General of New Mexico, Tom Udall clearly declared that the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and all of those who promote it (ie: Christian clergy) are guilty of felony fraud, 'because it is a supernatural claim which cannot be proven' (don't believe The Church? - then just ask Senator Tom Udall to make a public declaration that Jesus Christ is his personal Lord and Savior, and that he believes in the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, since Satan Operative Tom Udall hasn't and won't, you have your proof). Chandra Levy's remains were discovered about a year after a highly-publicized and astronomically detailed search with cadaver dogs of that same park for her - indicating to us that Chandra Levy was first kidnapped and brought some place else to be imprisoned and tortured (likely to extract from her all of her inside information, and/or for rape purposes), and then killed and dumped some time later near where earlier newsmedia speculation had placed her in Washington's Rock Creek Park, so others would be blamed. For that to be done, meant that the killer(s) had substantial resources and a set of plans, and that Chandra Levy's murder was not opportunistic or random. The murder of Chandra Levy and then the leading suspect conveniently identified as an "illegal alien" - Ingmar Guandique - fits into many people's world views - just too coincidental and convenient to be credible to The Church. If instead Chandra Levy was gay, many people would demand to know whether or not Chandra Levy was murdered because of being gay, so the question of a possible religious/ethnic hate crime is 100% valid and must also be thoroughly addressed and investigated, leaving no stone unturned.

The Church believes that there is probably a huge conspiracy going on right now to railroad Ingmar Guandique at the expense of justice. For example, it is difficult to find this webpage using the Internet search engines - 100s of webpages favorable to the conviction of Ingmar Guandique but with only fleeting mention of Chandra Levy and Ingmar Guandique are rated by the search engines higher. Even The Church of Bible Prophecy's main webpage - posted Online for years - is now buried so deep by the search engines that it is almost impossible to find.

Some Washington Senators and Congressmen believe that staff, interns and pages are part of their personal harems of sex slaves. The Church of Bible Prophecy is establishing its free intern and pages Outreach Program for Abused, Raped and Sodomized staff, interns and pages (CBP-OPARSIP) to provide spiritual and religious counseling to these hapless victims of our very corrupt and evil Washington establishment. Please email us if you are a Washington DC intern victim or Washington DC page victim or you know of a Washington intern victim or Washington page victim of abuse, rape, sodomy, kidnapping, disappearance or murder at the hands of a powerful politico. Perhaps The Church can prevent future horrific intern and page tragedies, and expose those which have already occurred. You may be anonymous, but even if you are not anonymous, whatever you tell us and what religious and spiritual counseling we provide you will be held in strict confidence unless you either publicly divulge it to others first or you permit us by explicit writing to divulge it. We want the truth only. Please describe to us in graphic and complete details all what happened or is happening to you or to the Washington intern or Washington page you know about, and the accurate identities of the perpetrator(s). Please provide documentation whenever possible. You do not have to be a Church Member to participate in our free CBP-OPARSIP program. Be advised that we are strictly a religion - we cannot and do not provide any medical or legal advice or opinion, or anything else that requires a secular license or permit.

The Church briefly documents a few of its findings against Tom Udall below. These few snippets are only a small fraction of the horrific findings The Church has on Tom Udall (for many more details about Senator Tom Udall, click on Tom Udall).

Tom Udall infamous Congress-is-Belly-of-The Beast quote (The Church has this entire article):

Tom Udall infamous Congress-is-Belly-of-The Beast quote.

This is a newspaper reporter's report quoting what Tom Udall verbally stated shortly after Tom Udall's election to Congress. The Church believes that the actual term that Tom Udall used was, "The Belly of THE BEAST," meaning the Bowels of Satan, because "the belly of the beast," meaning any beast, does not make any sense in this context. The Belly of THE BEAST Congress is clearly not any place any right-thinking parent would want to send his/her children to as staff, interns and pages. This is clearly yet another Freudian slip by Tom Udall where Tom Udall confesses that the U.S. Congress, since at least the 1960s, is and has been a secret Satanic organization in which Tom Udall adores the "incredible experience" of belonging to, and which his father, Stewart LEE Udall, and his uncle, Morris Udall, were also members of!

From an email sent to me by Lois Duncan, mother of gangster-slain Kaitlyn Arquette, who then New Mexico Attorney General Tom Udall refused to meet with (The Church has this entire email):

Email quote from Lois Duncan, mother of gangster-slain Kaitlyn Arquette, who New Mexico Attorney General Tom Udall stood up.

During Tom Udall's entire regime as the Attorney General of New Mexico, AG Tom Udall never prosecuted a single drug lord, although New Mexico is controlled by drug lords top-to-bottom. We frequently hear that, "New Mexico has the very best politicians that drug money can buy." However, AGNM Tom Udall had plenty of time to persecute New Mexicans based upon their race, religion, gender, age, and Disabled Veteran status, all of which we can document. The Church believes in the evidence - Kaitlyn Arquette was viciously butchered by high-ranking members of a drug cartel. Numerous subsequent drug-related murders have since occurred here, including the murders of at least 11 women and one child found buried on the west side of Albuquerque (featured on "America's Most Wanted" as 'America's biggest crime scene ever') - we believe most would have been prevented only if AG Tom Udall actually did the job New Mexicans hired him to do.

Tom Udall submits an official Federal Court Order Motion to be signed by a Federal District Judge, in which Tom Udall clearly identifies himself in his official Federal Court filing to be, "Gary A. Condit" (Note: The Church intentionally obfuscated the Plaintiff's name and the Case #, which will be provided upon publication of its full website). Yet, Tom Udall has never been investigated for the brutal kidnapping and murder of Chandra Levy!

Tom Udall submits a Federal Court Order Motion to be signed by District Judge, in which Tom Udall also claiming to be Gary A. Condit.

Recall that at the time then Rep. Gary Condit (since vindicated) was widely known and reviled in the newsmedia as the vicious kidnapper and brutal murderer of Congressional Intern Chandra Levy. Since Liberal Progressive Career Politician Tom Udall always claimed to be a top-ranking attorney, why would Attorney Tom Udall clearly intentionally and out of the sky blue identify himself in a Federal Court filing as, "Gary A. Condit" shortly after Chandra Levy's murder? Clearly, Liberal Progressive Tom Udall intentionally identified himself as Gary Condit as a Freudian Slip - essentially confessing to his own involvement in the brutal kidnapping and murder of Chandra Levy as a participant himself (since Gary Condit was cleared, now easily blamed on Ingmar Guandique - a poor immigrant from El Salvador), or to set up Gary Condit? And/or possibly to ridicule and disrespect Chandra Levy and the Levy family as he clearly did to Kaitlyn Arquette and Kaitlyn Arquette's family when Tom Udall was New Mexico Attorney General (see herein)? And/or to otherwise intimately identify himself with and provide moral support for Gary Condit? Is this just another one of Liberal Extremist career politician Tom Udall's sick jokes? We see parallels between Kaitlyn Arquette and Chandra Levy on Progressive Liberal Tom Udall's evil attitude towards butchered women and their families. The Church does not understand why Gary Condit and the Levy family do not sue Senator Tom Udall for identity theft and mental anguish. Should you have any additional factual information on Liberal Progressive Tom Udall's possible involvement in the planning, kidnapping, rape and/or murder of Chandra Levy or anyone else or any other serious wrongdoing, please let The Church know - you may be anonymous, facts only (truthful to the best of your knowledge and beliefs), and please provide documentation if you can. We offer you free spiritual counseling as you may require it. This is The Church of Bible Prophecy free Intern and Page Outreach Program for Abused, Raped and Sodomized staff, interns and pages.

Again, if you have any information on the Chandra Levy case, or any other case of abuse, rape, sodomy or murder of a Washington intern or Washington page, Tom Udall, Mark Udall, any other politician, bureaucrat or business leader, please donate it to The Church, even if you believe your information is small, incomplete or disconnected. You may be anonymous, just as long as your data if factual to the best of your knowledge and beliefs; please provide documentation if you can. If you are the parent, guardian, grandparent or close friend of a Washington intern or Washington page, you need to immediately and often grill him/her about what is really going on with him/her and with other Washington interns and Washington pages, and please report your factual findings to us (anonymously if you wish, please provide documentation if you can). Contact Us

Your servant in God,

REV John Williams, The Revelator
The Church of Bible Prophecy
Albuquerque, NM

Appropriate Image of Tom Udall
Liberal Progressive Tom Udall renders hard work for "THE BEAST"
(Satan Operative Tom Udall professes that U.S. Congress is, "The Belly of THE BEAST," and that he is eager to join it, 3/26/00)

Meet Vicar of Satan Liberal Progressive
Senator "Toxic Tom" Udall

... The Church believes that Tom Udall is a VICAR OF SATAN, based on Tom Udall's personal history and family history, stated herein (several documented references). ...

... The Church believes that Tom Udall is an avowed, fanatical, radical, Marxist-Leninist COMMUNIST and a virulent and rapacious SEXUAL TANTRIST, based on Tom Udall's personal history and family history. ...

The Disturbing Truth About the Real Tom Udall Beast

The Udalls are collectively referred to as, "the Kennedys of the Southwest" - yet have a little-exposed background far, far more disturbing than the Kennedys. The Church of Bible Prophecy systematically describes its Doctrines and Beliefs exposing herein the Udall career politicians:

The Church of Bible Prophecy believes that Tom Udall is one of the most evil and morally vile politicians in the U.S. Congress ever! ... The Church believes that Tom Udall and Mark Udall may move towards redeeming themselves if and only if they personally and publicly shout to the world these exact words without qualification or reservation: "I denounce Satan. I am a Saved Christian (or Born-Again Christian) and our Lord Jesus Christ is my Lord and Personal Savior." The Church believes that Tom Udall and Mark Udall will always refuse to publicly state these words and will also always refuse to publicly state what their sexual orientations really are, and all Devout will then have their sign to do what they must do. ...

Praise be to God. Your servant in God,

REV John Williams, The Revelator
P.O. Box 23097, Albuquerque, NM 87192

“In a Time of Universal Deceit - Telling the Truth is a Revolutionary Act”
- George Orwell

“In a Time of Universal Evil - Destroying Evil is an Act of Heroism”
- REV John Williams, The Revelator

DONATIONS AND BEQUESTS NEEDED, INCLUDING CORPORATE DONATIONS: You know that The Church of Bible Prophecy is doing the hard and dangerous work of God in an Evil World. Therefore, YOU are morally required to support It, donate to It and bequeath to It. The Church of Bible Prophecy and The Revelator need your very generous donations and bequests of money and volunteers NOW to continue its invaluable Godly work to research, expose and rid the world of Satanic evil and their Vicars of Satan, to continue developing its prophecies, and to help the Devout downtrodden, and more particularly to fund The Church of Bible Prophecy FREE Outreach Program for Abused, Raped and Sodomized staff, interns and pages (CBP-OPARSIP) to provide free spiritual religious counseling to these hapless victims. While this situation is now at a crisis level, with the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," it will soon be even much worse because many military personnel serve as staff, interns and pages, and now with sodomy made legal by Federal Law (by way of The Udall Cabal), they can now be even more abused by the many degenerate powerful big-shot politicians and ordered to keep their mouths shut about the rapes and sodomies committed against them. You do not have to be a Church Member to donate or volunteer (while Church membership is always encouraged, it is not required). The Church and The Revelator seek donations and bequests from people, corporations and other organizations who are fed up with the stink in their nostrils of unmitigated Satanic evil permeating through our society and our political structures. Generously donate and bequest, and then tell everyone you know to also donate. All donations are strictly confidential. The Church believes that "Toxic Tom" Udall and those like him have no respect for religions and will deploy their evil sycophant political, legal and bureaucrat pals to try to destroy The Church of Bible Prophecy and The Revelator on Tom Udall's behalf and/or at Tom Udall's behest, so if you want The Church to prevail and Satanic evil to fail, you MUST generously donate and bequest to The Church or The Revelator as much and as soon as you can, and volunteer as much and as soon as you can. The Church believes that right now many Washington staff, Washington interns and Washington pages are right now being savagely victimized by their degenerate powerful career politician bosses, so please do not waste another minute to help us help them. Largely depending on the donations and bequests of money and volunteers it receives, The Church of Bible Prophecy's intends to provide rescue missions and shelters for the abused, raped and sodomized staff, interns and pages, placing The Church's rescue missions and shelters as close as possible to the Capitol Building in Washington, DC, to expose to all the world how Tom Udall's Belly of THE BEAST really operates. And again depending on donations and bequests, we also intend to extend our CBP-OPARSIP program to parents, legal guardians, grandparents and close friends of Washington staff, Washington interns and Washington pages abused (including enslaved), raped, sodomized, disappeared, kidnapped, and murdered by powerful and perverted career politicians, and to maximize public awareness, search and investigative efforts for those staff, interns and pages kidnapped, disappeared and murdered. Contact Us

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All statements made herein and all statements made elsewhere by The Revelator in his The Revelator capacity are solely, exclusively and totally official Church of Bible Prophecy Doctrines and Beliefs as determined through Bible Code analysis and other scientific methods and as authenticated through the spiritually-inspired revelatory meditation of The Revelator through The Holy Spirit, with the exceptions that all strictly political advocacy statements relevant to a particular election, candidate and/or political seat are all the personal opinions of The Revelator and NOT political positions advocated by The Church of Bible Prophecy. All titles and affiliations of every individual and group provided herein and elsewhere by The Church or by The Revelator are solely provided for identification purposes only. As a matter of disclosure, The Revelator used to be a moderate Democrat for most of his life. Then the actions of Liberal Extremist, Sexual Tantrist, Abortionist, Anti-Military, Anti-Veteran Tom Udall, a Satan Operative, ripped the blinders off of his eyes. Now, The Revelator is a Conservative Republican. Still, all statements made herein don't reflect The Revelator's personal views or political views except to the full extent that The Revelator, as a Devout Church of Bible Prophecy Member, fully and faithfully ascribes to the official Beliefs and Doctrines of The Church of Bible Prophecy - just as all Devout Catholics, Mormons, Baptists, Jews, Muslims, etc. fully ascribe to the official beliefs and doctrines of their religions.

REMINDER: As per The Church of Bible Prophecy's long-published and established Doctrines and Beliefs, while most terms used on this The Church's website are identical in meanings and uses to the same terms found in other dictionaries and sources, some terminology is strictly defined by The Church and can have substantially different meanings and uses than their commonly understood meanings and uses. Just as Black's Law Dictionary defines and uses many terms differently than their common meanings and uses. If you lack the true understandings of statements made by The Church anywhere, then please ask The Church to clarify these statements. Also, The Church's definitions of terminology it uses can change from time-to-time, from person-to-person, and from forum to forum.

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